The environment

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To choose a mirror, determine the type of environment in which it will be installed.

Here are three types of environments in which the mirrors are most commonly used:

- traffic/road safety: road junctions and intersections with limited visibility or blind spots, concealed entrances, private parking or driveway exits, bicycle lanes, tram/train/bus stations, and underground car parks. For each situation, Vialux® can provide a solution, such as multi-purpose road mirrors, safety & UV resistant mirrors with white, black, red or green frames, garage or car park exits mirrors, cycle safety mirrors, etc.

- Industry: factories, logistics centres, construction sites, etc. Vialux® offers many interior and exterior mirrors to secure industrial sites and logistics warehouse, with a wide range of  hemispheric/dome mirrors (half sphere, quarter of a sphere), black & yellow or red & white framed high visibility mirrors, multi-purpose safety & security mirrors, mirrors for forklift trucks, stainless steel mirrors for specific environments or tough industrial conditions (food processing sites, blast furnaces ...), and machine control mirrors

- Shops and public or private buildings: Ideal for theft prevention or monitoring access, Vialux® offers a varied choice of indoor mirrors (frameless), security and surveillance mirrors for indoor or outdoor use (with frame), and dome/hemispheric mirrors.

Additionally, Vialux® has developed mirrors for specialist uses, such as inspection mirrors equipped with a telescopic arm (widely used by security services), shatterproof mirrors for higher risk environments such as correctional facilities, schools or hospital, mirrors for plant or construction machinery, and surveillance mirrors for pools and aquatic centers ... These can be found under "Specialist mirrors and accessories".